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IT Consulting

The ultimate goal of technology is to provide a competitive edge to its hosting business. Thomas Edison was quoted by saying – Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success. Information Technology does exactly the same - make a business sale, and anything that won’t make our customer’s business sale, we do not do it. The growth of your business is our success.

IT functions in a very similar manner like the nervous system of human body. Stimuli are sensed by neutrons around the body, preprocessed by central nerve system and only useful ones are delivered to the brain, so that we will not be overwhelmed by all the noise surrounding us and everything our eyes see. Command from the brain is then delivered through the nervous system to lift a coffee cup or buy another 10,000 stocks. Sometime in emergent situation, like your hand touches a red hot iron, the central nerve system will move your hand right away, open your mouth to scream and tell your feet to jump without even asking the brain first.

In a business environment setting, you are surrounded by data (stimuli) about customers, vendors and competitors, and data of products, inventory and accounting. IT infrastructure (nervous system) of your business help you to collect data, deliver information to the right place and make sense of it – find business intelligence is a cooler synonym. When an emergent event happens, such as database server fails (in both theory and reality it happens for sure), its mirrored backup server will take over the work automatically and page the administrator later.

Every business has its uniqueness, our IT consulting team is always eager to understand your business, so that we can help you to build a high performance, scalable and easy to maintain IT infrastructure, or develop system that best fit into the existing structure. We work with following technical skills:
Ecommerce software
Inter/Intranet Application Development
Microsoft SQL server or Oracle server application
LAN, wireless LAN network design

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