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Every business shall have a presentation in the cyber space and every business shall be able to afford to one. However due to the technical complexity of graphic design, script programming and website maintenance, most small and even some medium business are deprived of this privilege. Techserv provide a very affordable turnkey solution to solve this problem. We have the top notch consultants working for every customer, to design customer graphic web interface, program according to specific business need and train customers to manage their own website.

The key of cost control is to leverage functionalities, performance and business need. Here the 80-20 rule can be explained like this, all eCommerce site has 80% of the functions in common and if this 80% is covered, it is enough to run a healthy online business. Usually when business owners begin to run after that extra 20%, the cost of development increases exponentially.

At Techserv, we fully exploit the large number of commercial software package and open source software to develop web applications in the short time and low cost. Our eCommerce service including
Register domain name and find top rated web host for our customer
Web graphic design
Set up product catalog, payment gateway
Training for website administration

Click here to see our sample e-Commerce solution demo: SAVEMALL PROJECT,2005         

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