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Voice/Video over IP

"Companies like Nortel and Avaya are aggressively introducing new VoIP products to the SME market. It may be too late. They're racing against a group of young companies with products that specifically address the infrastructure limitations of SME's. Potentially, they are category killers."

-- George Goodall, Info-Tech research analyst, in a recent statement

Not really new, but tried-and-true. Universities - organizations that have more brains than money - have been using VoIP for voice communication for nearly a decade. For more than a century, all phone calls have been made basically the same way. You picked up the phone and accessed the public switched telephone network. Each and every call is connected by a dedicated set of wires that stays in use for the entire length of the call — until someone hangs up. That all began changing during the past decade. During this time, engineers started to convert telephone conversations into data packets — small chunks of digital data exactly like those that PCs use to communicate. Once the voice conversation is converted into packets, telephone conversations could be transported anywhere that computer data packets could go — including the Internet. A new concept was hatched. These IP based voice technologies have been developed and implemented in thousands of locations, and offer great feature functionality and a substantial reduction in cost over proprietary solutions from the traditional voice vendors.

We call this world, the world of Internet telephony. Sometimes called VoIP (for Voice over Internet Protocol), Internet telephony removes the traditional boundaries of the past 100 years. Now phone calls are no longer limited to just the telephone network. Through the amazing technological advancements and the Internet, a whole new world of business opportunity presents itself to the intelligent business owner.

We understand what it takes to start and grow a business, and how to support fellow entrepreneurs. Your business needs reliable and affordable connectivity to the Internet and voice communication, and you want to buy it from people that will talk with you, advise you, and answer the phone when you call. Plus - can save you money. Now and every month. Clearly, implementing IP technology is the direction of the carriers and enterprise customers because of its cost characteristics, its efficiencies and its applications - both implement able now and offered in the future.

Contact person: Dr. Lu at 630-969-2330

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